Welcome to our 4th experiment with roleplaying miniatures in and around our huge tabletop terrain castle, created by Bob for the 5th Terrain.
 As part of testing the playability of the 5th Terrain models, we have attended several conferences, hosted by Strategicon and have play-tested the systems of Cyberpunk, from R. Talsorion Games, AD&D (aka 2.0), and D&D 5e from Wizards of the Coast. We have discovered certain advantages and disadvantages with each system and will be sharing our findings with you in a future blog.
 In our quest to find a role-playing system to use for a large group of players, Savage Worlds, by Pinnacle Games, has been suggested by a number of enthusiastic gamers. So – for this next conference, ORCCON 2018, Savage Worlds will be the system we plan to test, in an un-conventional way, for the Zombie Mash. The I, Me, My - Zombie Mash is sponsored by the 5th Terrain and hosted by Strategicon for ORCCON 2018. This conference is being held at the LAX Hilton on February 16-19, 2018; The I, Me, My- Zombie Mash will be run Sunday evening, February 18th, from 6pm to midnight.
 Please join us in the Miniature's Room, directly across from the Vendor’s room, for a role-playing game you may find more fun than serious. There may be a little laughing at the face of death with a lot of blood packs involved. Our goal is for you to have fun playing yourself as a character, represented by a miniature, in a tabletop terrain setting that offers the players a stunning visual of the Beacon Hill Keep, inside and out.

 The silouette of Zombies on the bridge are created by using miniature flats by ArcKnight.


"Buddy can you spare a bullet?"

 Very few people know what started the madness or when it started but they do know the news is sparse for now. The CDC was right about how we should have prepared for a zombie apocalypse. Some people are screaming about the ice caps melting, releasing an alien germ. Others claim it had something to do with the Russians, who sent a stealth torpedo across the Pacific to the coast of California, Oregon and Washington. They must have 'polluted the very air with a deadly virus of some sort with those torpedoes’.
  What you do know is; it acts like a virus, which is transferred between humans through contamination by body fluids. If you keep your wounds closed and covered, your mouth shut, goggles on and your towel handy – you should by OK.  
  Word has it; if they bite you, there is a 9 out of 10 chance that you will end up contaminated. If the bite doesn’t kill you from the infection or blood loss, you might have the rest of your life left to live. On the down side, should you have the virus dormant within you, upon your death; you become a hungry zombie.  
  You each find yourselves standing on a bridge leading to a castle portcullis.  Behind you, the zombies are relentless in their chase. The best thing you have going for you right now is their inability to run. You have managed to skirt them by following a stranger who promises to lead all of you to the safest place to stay until all this madness ends. As you look up at the tall castle wall before you, they look unclimbable. The doors are strong and you can’t believe it’s a castle. It feels like you are stepping back in time, until you turn around and hear the sound of zombies moving through the woods around the lake.
  It’s getting dark in this valley, known as Eagle Lake and you need to get into the castle to feel safe.  Did you remember to bring that flashlight? The doors look like they are open. You can see a small slice of the darkness between the two giant wood doors that swing in with a gate that drops in front of the doors sitting half way up.  As you take a closer look, you see a body laying up against one of the doors. It doesn’t look like it’s moving and there seems to be a lot of blood.
 How each of you got here is a story only you can tell. Right now, you might want to get ready to fight... or flee.


 As Bob explained the idea of creating ourselves as characters, that would be able to explore the Beacon Hill Project, we quickly realized that we had on our hands a great opportunity for having a lot of fun. The game story rolled out of our imagination with enthusiasm and ease. But then the question of how do we translate our Real-life experiences onto a character sheet came up. Utilizing the Savage Worlds RPG System by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, we began developing iterations of ourselves to see how we might look as a character. Check out the Savage Worlds Core Tools if you need a little help with creating you as a character. The program seems to adhere to their rules and can’t be tailored. More than likely, you may need to fill in a character sheet by hand. You know – old school. The following is a bit of Q and A that evolved from those experiments in self-characterization.