The 5th Terrain Slings are great for anybody who plays with and wants to protect their miniatures. It’s easy to see where your character stands on the game board with your own color and class printed right on the side. You may also write in the name and stats of the character for quick reference.


The Beacon Hill Crypt is the first structure produced for this project and the design is engineered to become more than what meets the eye. Using our exclusive system of constructing paper models, it gives you the ability to expand in size and even customize surface design. The Crypt utilizes The 5th Terrain’s floor locking system that holds the structure together without the foam core board base used in other models.


The BH Point Post represents a fortified structure that houses Armed Forces to maintain control of your surrounding area. It includes four 6"X6" floors, stairways for roof access and is the focal point of Beacon Hill. You are not limited to 4 floors or 6"X6" levels. With our modular design you can build as high or wide as you want.


B.H. Tower

The BH Tower is also a fortified structure like the BH Point Post but this time designed with cabins for your weary soldiers fresh from battle, dungeons to house and torture prisoners, and enough room to ride in on horseback. The 4x4 cubicle structure includes 5 stories with roof access so your soldiers have a wide range of vision when defending the fortress from enemies of war.

b.h. tavern

The BH Tavern/ Inn uses the same modular design as the BH Post Point but this time includes a vaulted ceiling to house an attic that is 7cubicles long and 3 cubicles deep. The roof lifts off to showcase the wooden beams in the third level of this structure. The citizens of Beacon Hill gather here to relax and get a pint, while travelers can rest their weary bones in one of the Inn’s modest rooms.


Trees, because no human dwelling is complete without some outside stuff on the inside. Legend has it that some young mischevious elves planted the trees in the courtyard just so they could watch them grow up through the cobble stones.