Welcome to the 1st D&D 5.0


The famous 3-D Monster Mash that spawned a hoard of imitators and offshoots (for what seems like centuries ago) returns for another generation for Strategicon’s GATEWAY 2017. As one of the all-time most popular Gaming Convention events it often became so raucous the hotel had to ask us to tone it down. Therefore, after decades of prodding, some of us old-timers have decided to share the tradition with a newer generation of gamers (and let the old-guys who played in it as youngsters relive the glory days). Join us for a rousing assault upon the castle where your characters will fight for fame, uber-spoils (fake loot) and most importantly; bragging rights. The 3-D Monster Mash is open to 30 players who would like to give it a shot. Yes, that’s all of you playing at one time, round for round. So, gather up your friends, make a character and then get ready to game! The following “Monster Mash Guidelines” are to be used to create a character. The character sheet must be reviewed and approved by one of the Monster Mash GMs prior to game start (there will be GMs available for several hours prior to the event in order to facilitate approvals and answer questions). This round of the 3-D Monster Mash will be played using D&D 5th Edition. Once you have an approved character; don’t forget to stop by the Beacon Hill Inn & Tavern to meet up with fellow characters. The Monster Mash is not for the faint of heart, character mortality rates run high. Will your clever build be one of the rare few to make it into the castle without dying? Will they survive the entire event and escape with the spoils they’ve gathered? (*items the character can utilize for free in subsequent Monster Mash events) Remember, you don’t have to conquer everyone for glory… your character just needs to survive longer than your friend’s character… right?


Monster Mash Guidelines are to be used in creating a character. Characters must be approved by a Game Master prior to the use in a game. The gaming system used for the 3-D Monster Mash will be D&D 5e for the Strategicon, Gateway 2017 session.


 1. Only use the Player’s Handbook and the GM Guide to build a character.
 2. Use 150,000 points to build and equip the character.
 3. Buy stat points at 1,000 points for each stat point, from zero up.
 4. Buy levels on a point per point basis. Whatever is left over turns to gold to buy non-magical equipment and supplies.
  5. Magic items, Players do not have to spend points to buy Magic weapons and equipment but are limited carrying and equipping 5 magic items per Monster Mash. There are 9 tables (A-I) of magic items located in the GM guide. Choose 5 of the 9 tables and pick ONE item from each table during character creation.

   • Once you have an approved Monster Mash Character, stop by the Beacon Hill Inn & Tavern to meet up with fellow characters!

5 Simple rules to play by

1. If you leave before Midnight, as the game goes on, your character receives no bonus Experience Points for the next Monster Mash and can make a comeback and play at full Hit Points in any future Monster Mash sessions.
 2. If your character dies a standard, every day, ho-hum death it receives 1,000 points and can make a comeback and play at full Hit Points in any future Monster Mash sessions.
 3. If your character dies an extraordinary death, it gets to from 2,000 – 4,000 Experience Points (based on showmanship) and a comeback and play at full Hit Points in any future Monster Mash sessions.
 4. If your character survives to midnight it will get 5,000 Experience Points and a comeback and play at full Hit Points in any future Monster Mash sessions.
 5. If your character makes it inside the castle grounds it will get 10,000 points and the right to carry a 6th Magic Item into the next Monster Mash.

SPECIAL NOTE:  You can bring back your character to the next Monster Mash. Whether it survived or died in any session.  

5 things to do Fri-Sat-Sun
before the game begins on
Sunday 6 pm

1. Look for the Beacon Hill Inn & Tavern where players can meet NPC’s and other characters. This is an opportunity to hear stories of the land, explore the terrain and meet the odd but interesting inn keeper.
2. Test your character’s mettle against other PCs or NPCs in a fight; that is to say a bar fight.
3. Trade magic items other PC’s or NPC’s. 4. Set up alliances with other PC’s
5. Steal something – if your character is inclined to do so and willing to brave the possible consequences.


The attack upon the Beacon Hill Keep has been foretold by the soothsayer… Ka mea nānā

  On his knee, with his eyes cast to the ground, the Captain of the Guard reports to his Duke. “My Lord…”
  The Duke of Beacon Hill is studying a map of the castle grounds, as he answers without looking up, “What news, Captain?”
 “My Lord, the rabbles have been gathering in the Village of Torchlight… as the seer has foretold they would.”
 The Duke interrupts him. “She had a number of visions. Go on.”
 The Captain glances up quickly. He tries to see if the Duke had turned around.  “They are pouring in from the farthest reaches of the land to fulfill her prophecy.”
  The men around the table begin to whisper their thoughts between them. The Duke pauses for a moment and places the back of his forefinger to his lips as he slowly turns around. Everyone quickly goes silent. He lowers his arm while his eyes dart back and forth, searching for something hidden away in his mind. He looks to the captain. “Were they sent by the Clerics?”
 “Yes, my Lord. Our spies have confirmed that your brother has sanctioned the upstarts in this attack. All the signs have been revealed to us. The Seer has served you well, my Lord.”
 The Duke turns back to his map as he speaks. “How many men have he sent?”
 “No more than 30, my Lord.”
 “30? Seriously… 30? Are you joking, Captain?”
 “…No, my Lord. The Seer foretold of a battle between great powers. I had thought it might be an army of men to attack us as a hoard but not after the information our agents have collected. Our agents have reported that although they may be a small party of men, the aura of magic is inescapable. These few men carry more magic than anyone has seen…
 ” The Duke interrupts him. “Are they a threat?”
 “It’s possible, my Lord… it’s possible.
 ”The Duke looks at his Captain for a long moment, thinking of how well this man has served from his first day. “Captain… to the table, if you will. We shall plan our defenses in short order and give them a reception some may be lucky enough to tell about to their… ha, Clerics.” The Duke begins to survey the map of the castle and the surrounding lands spread across the table. His eyes follow the wall from the gate to the rear of the keep, where he sees the Crypt. He fixates on the Crypt with a sudden spike of fear that courses through him like a magic missile, a fear that beckons him to the Crypt.
  He stares at the map for a long silent moment listening to the voice in his head repeating like a mantra. “The Crypt is safe… The Crypt is safe…” The Duke suddenly pushes away from the table and quickly makes his way out of the room. His council of Mages just stands there looking at each other for some sign he will return, and there is none. They all move toward the door slowly at first, then begin to quick-walk attempting to close the gap on the Duke’s substantial lead. 


 Many weeks ago you began to hear whispered rumors of the forthcoming assault by the Clerics upon the Beacon Hill Castle. At first you discounted these rumors, thinking not even the Clerics of multiple Gods united together in a coalition would be so foolish as to attack Beacon Hill Castle and its college of magic directly, there are, after all, numerous examples in history as to why it is considered unassailable.  Nonetheless, the holy forces have been garnering their strength at numerous outlying churches.
  With this knowledge spreading like wildfire across the land, powerful adventurers (you among them) soon began to gather in nearby towns and villages. Some, they say, to prove themselves in the eyes of the Clerics in hopes of avoiding later oppression, others to seek employment as mercenaries in whichever force will pay them most, still more to wait out the conflict in order to pick-up easy spoils, and finally, strange looking ones who claim to come from a land faraway. These strangers say there is a gate within the castle through which they must pass in order to return home, a gate they fear the Clerics will destroy. But no matter their stated reasons, inwardly everyone knows what ultimately draws the lot of them, a thirst for the untold riches and reputed limitless supply of magic items within Castle.
  This morning however, the mood shifted; word came that a splinter group of powerful mages and Knights within the fortress had started an uprising against Amayo (Duke Hilllandger’s eldest son who assumed rule following his father’s death. Word is that Yaeda, Amayo’s twin brother has always been slightly unhinged and his brother’s time on the throne has only exacerbated the condition).
 As news of the possible coup became widely known, a palpable sense that the adventurers’ combined might could win the day. This news has swept through their gathered ranks and they have decided to wage an assault now upon the weakened defenses of the castle before the Clerics can finish gathering their forces. (Why, after all, should the Clerics end up with the best spoils?). You have all assembled at the head of the causeway that leads to the castle in preparation.
  Finally, the news comes, “the mages have successfully chased Amayo into the Dungeon and are pursuing him even now”. The time is ripe to attack; dissension among the castle guardians is at its peak. You must strike now or forever lose your chance to reap the rewards. Prepare yourselves…