Are we back? Hell yea, and here to stay as well.

   With a number set-backs behind us, we are now in the middle of setting up our point of sale for downloads and a section specificly for our Kickstarter supporters. Our KS supporters will soon have secured access to all of the patterns for the models, in accordence with their level of support. We have decided to post now, before this site has been completed, to let everyone know; we will soon be at Strtegicon’s Gateway conference for a full blown play test with our working models.  We will be there September 1- 4, 2017. The con is located at the LAX Airport Hilton, here in Los Angeles.
Our plans include running our first GM tournament with players as the judges.  We will also be running a revival of an event we ran (back when we were young and could stay up all weekend) called the 3-D Monster Mash. I think Zelda was the hot video game back then or maybe it was Pac Man, I’m too old to recall. But I do remember it being this huge event players looked forward to playing. From Friday evening through Sunday we will be prequalifying the Characters for the 3DMM as a character meet-up in the Beacon Hill Inn & Tavern. For more information, just click on the button below.

  The GM tournament will be held Saturday with the first competitor starting at 9AM and the last one at 7PM. For more information, just click on the button below. The 3-D Monster Mash will start Sunday at 6PM and end at midnight. The maximum number of players for this game will be 30. For more information, just click on the button below.

  I hope you will be able to join us on this short notice or just stop by and say hello. You won’t need a badge to wonder around, unless you get into a game and play.

  If you have a little time on your hands and curious about what we’ve been doing, check out our Gallery of pictures showing the development of the Beacon Hill Keep Project. 


"We take the air  out of packing away our cardstock models."

"Developing  a tabletop terrain (something that  has  not been  re-created  a thousand times before) has been a challenge to say the least.   When I began this project, the designs I had in mind were simple cubicles made from 110 lb index paper with printed surfaces.  I had planned to cleverly cut the cubicles  in a few different patterns, skin them  with  surface designs to   create different size halls and rooms that adjoin to create a level.   I planned to  use a  bit of foam core board  to seperate  the levels and make them  stackable to a point of   requiring a step ladder play and then it hit me...  Why homoginize the modular design when I can make it unique enough for everyone to create something different?   These aren't justa bunch of blocks that fit together, this is  an oportunity for anyone to express their  creative side and build a castle like no other.  "


The models below work well on their own, apart from the total project.  You are not limited to the plans created for the models.  With a little imagination you can create something different.  Being modular in design you can print as many patterns as you may need to create something grand.